Upsert (Update/Insert) Categories

The fifth endpoint is also an important endpoint. Our search widget will use this one to generate category tree as filter. This is the endpoint to send your categories that will be used in our system to generate categories filter and suggestions. This is a bulk insert/update endpoint, so you can give multiple items at once (max 200 items at once to give best performance).



x-tokenStringtoken Users unique token

Request Header Example#

"x-token": "2b46ad0b537229cf450777dcc655a8620571e18556c473f065f44739"

Request Body#

categories optionalObject[]Categories
    catIdStringUnique id of the category
    nameStringName of the category
    descriptionStringDescription of the category
    countNumberTotal products in this category
    parentCatIdStringId of the parent category, give string '0' if dont have parent

Request Body Example#

"categories": [
"catId": "102,
"name": "Photography",
"description": "Describe this category",
"count": 100,
"parentCatId": "0"

Success 200#

successBooleanRequest was successful

Success Response Example#

"success": true