(POST) Push Checkout Stats

This is an endpoint where you can send your analytics data to our server. If you want to see your metrics , like number of conversions, conversions rate, etc, to be displayed in our dashboard, you have to send the click data to this endpoint. When user checkouts, you have to send both the session ID and the search ID.




x-forwarded-forStringIP of the user

Request Header Example#

"x-forwarded-for": ""

Request Body#

eventStringThe name of event (use 'checkout' for checkout data)
dataObjectEvent's data
    userAgentStringUser agent of the request
    engineTokenStringToken of the engine (token from the search layer)
    productsObject[]List of object of the products
        searchIdStringSearch id that returned by search engine
        productIdStringProduct id of the specified item
        sessionIdStringSession id of the user that generated by the front end side

Request Body Example#

"event": "checkout",
"data": {
"engineToken": "5cd3f3042cd48000372c64fd-1557394180073-88706995",
"products": [{
"searchId": "77dda021cf7329e20a33fa892d6cea54",
"productId": "58938",
"sessionId": "eaaezz9k7-248153346jrglw123"

Success 200#

successBooleanRequest was successful

Success Response Example#

"success": true