(POST) Push productView Stats

This is an endpoint to send your data to our server. This endpoint will help us to give list of popular products. If you are using our search-widget and want to show some data before the user type, you have to hit this api, because we use popular product to be showed in our search-widget. If you dont use our search-widget, you can use list of popular products to show some products in home page, or if you dont want to use it, you can ignore this api. When user in product view, you have to send both the session ID and the search ID.



Request Body#

eventStringThe name of event (use 'productView' for productView data)
dataObject[]Event's data
    tokenStringToken id (token from the cleint panel's search layer)
    sessionIdStringSession id of the user
    productIdStringUnique id of the products (product id from your site)

Request Body Example#

"event": "productView",
"data": {
"token": "5cd3f3042cd48000372c64fd-1557394180073-88706995",
"sessionId": "eaaezz9k7-248153346jrglw123",
"productId": "58938"

Success 200#

successBooleanRequest was successful

Success Response Example#

"success": true