Custom Result


this feature used for create manipulation result on the search result. its diffrent with boosting that applied in all keyword, custom result can exclude items and include the items in spesific query of keywords

Step 1 - Add New#

customResult1click Add new button to add new custom result

Step 2 - Configure#

customResult2there is Name of custom result for identify your custom result, you can disable the set of custom result by thick the checkbox enable/disable this set of custom result, you can disable or enable to apply the custom result when user doing filter,
add search query that you want to customize, there is 2 option for keyword type Exact keyword or Broad if you choose Exact, this custom result will apply only when the keyword exacly same if broad, the keyword that you type will apply for keyword with tollerance / typos and click Add term to add

Step 3 - Customize#

customResult3now, you can include and exclude items, just simply search the items and click + button, you can adjust the item priority with drag it to upside or downside
and at the bottom, you have 2 option to show the result, Display only the selected results and Display the selected results followed by natural results