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Create Account (For new user)#

Complete new account registration at Altoshift Dashboard

Create Engine#

Select New Search Engine to create new engine. When you create your first engine, you will get a one time 14-day free trial (only for the first engine). Fill the all of the fields.

Title: Name of your engine

Description: Engine description

URL: Your website URL

Engine Type:

Engine TypeDescription
APIAPI solution for custom site
WoocommerceEasy solution for woocommerce-based site
WordpressEasy solution for wordpress-based site
ShopifyEasy solution for shopify-based site
MagentoEasy solution for magento-based site

Engine Profile:


Time Zone: Engine Time Zone

Select Plan#

Select a plan that is most suitable for your needs. All plans are prepaid basis (you will be charged before usage). You can make plan selection changes anytime. The charge adjustments will be reflected in your next billing cycle. Please refer to Quota Limits section for more details about quotas.

Payment Information#

You need to enter your payment information in order to complete the engine creation process. If this is the first time you create an engine, you will be in a free-trial period in which entering payment information is optional. You can enter the payment information later before the end of the free-trial period if you choose to continue with subscription.